CH00: pronto per la revisione (MIky)

Alessio Spadaro alessio.spadaro at
Thu Jul 13 02:48:13 CDT 2006

Federico Nebiacolombo wrote:
> L'unica frase che resta da sistemare e quella nel quale compare il termine
> 'oozing'
> (devo ricordarmi di cercarla sul vocabolario inglese-inglese che ho da
> qualche parte:-)
*1. * To flow or leak out slowly, as through small openings.
*2. * To disappear or ebb slowly: His courage oozed away.
*3. * To progress slowly but steadily: "Over grass bleached colorless by 
strong outback sun, the herd oozes forward" Geraldine Brooks.
*4. * To exude moisture.
*5. * To emit a particular essence or quality: The house oozed with charm

Buona giornata!

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